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    Has anyone used a Pave Tech MammothMite 12V or 110V for lifting natural stone slabs. The tops have a flamed finish so I was wondering if the suction would hold.

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    A thermal finish on natural stone does not affect the ability of either type of "MammothMITE" vacuum to hold th estone securely. Textured surfaces (the natural cleft surface on some stone) is a different matter. The cleft surface is a problem for the 12v battery-powered vac but the 110v MammothMITE handles this with ease. Again, a thermal finish is not a problem for either unit (12v or 110v).

  3. Default MammothMITE 12v on Granite Slab

    Photo of MammothMITE 12v lifting granite slab. The 12v is particularly useful with granite.
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  4. Default MammothMITE 110v on granite slabs

    MammothMITE 110v on granite. 110v unit powers a vacuum blower (turbine) generating a very high volume of air (cfm). This makes the 110v somewhat more versatile as it can form a seal on rough textured surfaces and also work with more porous material than a vacuum generated by a 12v battery and vacuum pump. Vacuum pumps are powerful, they just don't generate the same cfm as a blower.
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